Features of Establishment and Development of Motivational Culture at Enterprises in Modern Economic Conditions


The paper investigates the inherent features of motivational culture's establishment and development at enterprises in modern economic conditions. The study traces the pressing problems of motivation of the team's work, establishes their impact on the efficiency of the enterprise's functioning. The relevance of the research is determined by the fact that the issues of motivation and team development in modern scientific research are considered in sufficient detail but the problem of motivation for personnel development, which is one of the components of the establishment of motivational culture and a prerequisite for development, cannot be considered fully solved. That is why the development of motivational culture in enterprises is an extremely necessary scientific and practical task that requires a modern solution. The purpose of this study is to consider the features of the establishment of motivational culture at enterprises in modern economic conditions by analysing the international scientific practice of team management, as well as improving motivational methods of team professional development in a modern enterprise. The main method of research was the analysis of documentation, namely monographs, statistical data, scientific papers, and textbooks. Using the method of analysis, the paper processed and systematised the features of the establishment and development of motivational culture at enterprises in modern economic conditions. The study covers and summarises the current motivational methods, considers the systematic diagnosis of the state of motivational culture at the enterprise. The conceptual foundations of the establishment and development of motivational culture, a model of the motivational system of enterprise management in modern economic conditions are proposed. The tasks set in the study and the results of their solution form the methodological and scientific-practical basis for improving the incentive system for professional development of personnel based on the development of effective methods of motivational culture. The developed recommendations are of interest to modern enterprises in current economic conditions and the country's economy as a whole and provide an opportunity to certify the prospects for further research work in this area

Keywords: motivational culture, enterprise, corporate culture, improving the motivation process