Development Trends of the Securities Market in Ukraine


The relevance of the research is due to the rapid development of the securities market. Financial instruments have been improving in Ukraine for a long time, new intermediaries and market participants have been appearing. Consequently, there is a growing need for effective regulation of changes that are mainly intra-economic and can affect various spheres of public life. The work aims to identify modern features of the functioning of the Securities Market on the territory of Ukraine. Taking into account the interdisciplinarity of this topic, analysis, synthesis and induction were chosen as the leading research methods. These systems of procedures were combined primarily to form ideas about the relationship between economics and law. In this context, the first method contributed to the objectification of the properties of securities; thanks to the synthesis, it was possible to draw complete conclusions and generalisations about the directions of development of the relevant market. At the same time, the induction was used to obtain a general conclusion about the possibilities of regulating the securities market. The article provides an essential description of the concepts of “securities market” and “stock market”. In addition, the structure of the financial market was determined: the main organisers of trade and its participants. The main laws were also presented in the field of legal regulation of the securities market of Ukraine and the EU. Finally, the development was justified of the Ukrainian stock market in the context of European integration processes. The article materials are of theoretical and practical importance for bank employees, financial management specialists, credit brokers, auditors and insurance agents. Due to the availability of a description of the international practice of using financial instruments, the study may be of interest to representatives of public authorities and educational organisations. However, the approximation of the legislation of Ukraine in the field of securities circulation to European standards will remain a controversial issue for each of these groups of people

Keywords: stock market, capital, financial services, investment, Europeanisation