Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series “Economics” publishes peer-reviewed original and review articles, topics of which cover a wide range of topical issues of economic processes of the national economies and global economic processes, regional socio-economic research, economic processes and phenomena in enterprises, social policy, demography, labour economics and social economy, as well as foreign economic relations.

The purpose of the Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series "Economics" is a coverage of the results of scientific research, different opinions of scientists on global and urgent scientific problems, as well as an analysis of trends and prospects for the future. The area of interest of the editorial office is mainly reflected in the following areas (however, the publication is not limited to them): economics and management of the national economy and enterprise management; regional economy, demography, and social policy; economic statistics, accounting and audit; finance, money, and credit.

The journal publishes representatives of the modern Ukrainian and international scientific elite, graduate students, masters, students of higher educational institutions, workers in various sectors of the economy, civil servants, as well as scientists from other countries.

When selecting materials for publication, the editorial board pays special attention to the novelty and relevance of research ideas, compliance with the conditions for the publication of the journal, scientific and factual reliability of the submitted material.