Vol. 4, No. 1, 2017

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series «Economics»

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Irina S. Varlamova

Efficiency of Economic Policy Instruments in the Environmental Sphere

Victoria V. Hotra Maria I. Ihnatko

The Theoretical Basis of Innovative Development of Agro-Industrial Production in Ukraine

Eve A. Erfan Maryna Yu. Korol

Modern State of the Border Infrastructure Development of Ukraine With EU Countries

Petro H. Nebotov

Export Control as an Instrument of Foreign Economic Policy of the State

Nina І. Palianychko

Ecological and Economic Efficiency Indicators of Investment in Land Resources

Vasyl V. Papp Kateryna Mykolaivna Movchan Nadiia M. Goblyk-Markovych

Role and Significance of Information and Library Work in Information Support of Educational Process of Economics Courses Studying

Ivan I. Rubish

Institutional Factors of Improving the State Regulation of the Investment Process

Viktoria L. Smiesova

Development of the Theory of Economic Interests in the Concepts of the Old Historical School and Marxism

Yuriy R. Futalo

Monitoring of the Social and Economic Indicators of the Integration Process Effectiveness

Mykhaylo V. Shchuryk

Conservation and Land Protection as Key Preconditions for Their Improvement

Natalia Т. Gryniv Taisiya V. Nakonechna Alexander M. Antonenko

Marketing of Information Products and Services and Its Features

Hanna S. Grytsenko

Sugar Beet Production in Ukraine: Current State and Development Trends of Beet Sowing Enterprises

Denys V. Yeremenko

Methodological Aspects of Assessing of the Farms’ Competitiveness

Maria S. Krochak

Forming a Development Strategy of Industrial Enterprises Under Uncertainty

Oleksandr P. Savych

The World Trends in Marketing Management on Car Market

Vitaly М. Tupkalo Irina V. Gol

The Approach to Controlling the Implementation of the Mechanism of Economic Stability of the Telecommunications Company

Maryna K. Cherniavska

Essence of Trade Enterprise Innovations

Yuri I. Fordzyun

Comfort of Footwear (Clothing) According to Consumer Behaviour Theory

Hanna І. Andrushchenko

Trends of Credibility to Various Social Institutions in Ukrainian Society

Lyudmyla A. Bovsh Iryna V. Zayichko

Medical Placement as a Tool for Development of Depressed Regions of Ukraine

Tetiana V. Gurgula

Financial Support for Capacity of Local Communities: Problems and Solutions

Natalya V. Zakharchenko

Innovative Development of the Entrepreneurial Sector of the Region

Yuriy А. Karpyshyn

Methodological Principles of State Regulation of Agricultural Holdings

Marina М. Kulyk Tetiana R. Kulyk

The Peculiarities of the Administration of the Building Organization on the Ruined Areas

Oleksandra Yo. Kurylo Tetiana Yu. Luzhanska Olha S. Kukharchuk

The Role and Importance of Information Bibliographic Activity in Providing Educational Process in Universities

Iryna А. Novakovska

Institutionalization of Land Relations Management in the City

Iryna R. Tymechko

Generalization of Approaches to The Essence of Territorial Community in Ukraine

Oleksandra О. Tsanko

Studying the Factors of Investment Attractiveness of the Region in the Context of Formation of Principles of Ensuring Its Competitiveness

Shi Yajun

Organizational-Economic Maintenance of Chinese Language Teaching in the Educational Institutions of Ukraine

Nataliya O. Marhita Mykhaylo V. Marhita

Analytical Maintenance of Manufacturing Costs Management in Modern Management Concept

Lydia S. Prokopovich Alla V. Morgun Nadiia F. Popovich

Library Work as a Source of Information Support of Scientific Research in Economic Field

Olena S. Bogma

Institutionalization as Tool of Budget Security Support

Pavel M. Hryhoruk Nila A. Khrushch

Basics of Modeling of Ensuring Financial and Economic Safety System in Conditions of Uncertainty and Multidimensionality of Market Environment

Maria V. Ihnatyshyn

Resource Base of Commercial Banks and Its Role in Mechanism of Banking Activities

Igor V. Paryzkyy

Organizational Support of Innovative Infrastructure of National Economy: Resources Aspect