Vol. 6, No. 1, 2019

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series "Economics"

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Maria V. Ihnatyshyn Lyudmyla Yu. Burdyukh

Evaluation of Decentralization Influence on Budgetary Regulation Process

Oksana Mykolaivna Liba Nataliia S. Liba Kateryna T. Konchovych

Formation of Professional Competence of Future Economists

Oleksandr Yu. Nosov Tetiana V. Chernychko

Normative-Legal Regulation of Clustering in Ukraine

Iryna A. Prokopenko

Taxation as a Component of Investment Climate

Bohdana F. Baida

Tourism Business and Social Responsibility

Khrystyna I. Kalashnikova

The Concept of Management Leadership Efficiency

Lyudmyla О. Lomovskykh Nataliya О. Iefremova Olena V. Kovalova

Marketing Concept of Strategic Management of Competitiveness of Industrial and Commercial Activity of Subsidiaries of Agricultural Enterprises

Nataliya Ya. Rozhko

Characteristics of the Essence and Evolution of Development of «Rational» and «Irrational» Consumer’s Behavior Concept

Viktoria S. Shevchenko

Management Leader: Personal Qualities and Their Efficiency

Anastasiia P. Bezkhlibna

Scientific Bases of Investigation of Processes of Transregional Integration as a Factor of Enhancing Competitiveness

Nadiia Yu. Voloshchuk Yuliia I. Revt

Innovative Model for the Development of the Territorial Economic System

Maryna A. Vuichenko Oleksandr P. Vasilenko Mykola I. Dyachenko

The Problem of Cost Management in Municipalities

Maryna О. Homeniuk

Cluster as an Innovative Form of Territorial Development

Mykola I. Dyachenko Ivanna V. Chukina

Problems of Formation and Functioning of the Joint Territorial Societies of Cherkaschina

Oleh D. Lendiel

Influence of Infrastructure on the Competitiveness of the Regional Market of Tourism Services

Yuriy P. Mazur Vira F. Nevlad

The Use of Marketing Technologies in the Activities of the United National Territorial Communities

Eduard V. Bukrieiev

Management Accounting – Efficient Tool of Adaptive Decisions Acceptance in the Conditions of Unstable External Environment of the Enterprise

Vasyl M. Holovachko Tamila M. Perevuznyk

Problems of Pension Reform in Ukraine

Yaroslav V. Holubka Svitlana V. Nesterova Halyna T. Myhalchinets

Features of Financial Support of National Construction Companies

Oksana О. Korolovych

Problems of Financial Sustainability Analysis of Manufacturing Enterprise

Zoriana S. Mysak

Some Social and Economic Aspects Regulatory Action of the Excise Tax on Tobacco Products in Ukraine in 2014-2017 Years

Iuliia V. Panura

To the Issue of Tax Consulting

Tetiana O. Skoromtsova

Responsibility of Subjects of Foreign Economic Activity According to the Results of the Customs Post Audit: National Practice and Experience of EU Countries