Vol. 8, No. 2, 2021

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series "Economics"

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Volodymyr V. Hobela Stepan I. Melnyk

Offshoring as a Threat to the National Economic Security: Causes and Ways to Counteract

Zorina Y. Shatska

Enterprise integration models: Advantages and challenges of implementation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Hoar A. Hevorhyan Svitlana O. Kushnir

Investment in IT as a Priority Area of Economic Development in Ukraine

Viktoriia V. Kukharyk Thomas Nübling

The Role of Economic Diplomacy in the System of Modern International Economic Relations

Mansur Badaev

Public-private partnership in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nadiia V. Kryvenko

Regional Trade Agreements of Ukraine: Realities and Prospects

Kateryna D. Sosiedko Marco Palmieri

Open Land Market in Ukraine: Pragmatics of the Phenomenon through the Lens of European Experience

Nataliia V. Vernihorova

Analysis of Organisational and Economic Support of Urban Parks in Ukraine

Svitlana І. Strapchuk

Level of Ecological and Economic Diversification: A Methodology for Assessing the Sustainability of Agricultural Enterprises

Maryna I. Yaremova

Terminological Framework for the Study of Circular Bioeconomy

Volodymyr V. Herasymenko Julia O. Lutsyk Olexander M. Demenev Volodymyr I. Mirnenko

Substantiation of an Economically Feasible Option for Ordering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Joint Aviation Groups

Olha V. Kuzmenko Mariya O. Kashcha Roman V. Marchenko

Structural Modelling of the Relationship between the Vulnerability of Ukrainian Regions to COVID-19, Environmental Status and Factors of Readiness of the Medical System

Violetta I. Roshylo

Securities Custody Services: International Experience