Vol. 5, No. 2, 2018

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series «Economics»

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Nataliia A. Antoniuk

Anti-Crisis Management and Decentralisation: Interrelation, Approaches and Tools

Serhii V. Zaharin Yining Li Yevhen V. Smirnov

Economic Levers of Stimulating Tourist Flow Between the People's Republic of China and Ukraine

Mykhailo O. Kuzheliev Volodymyr V. Plakhotniuk Serhiy M. Stabias

Priority Guidelines of Competitive Recovery in the National Market of Corporate Securities

Halyna T. Myhalchinets

Infrastructure of the Financial Market of Ukraine: Major Trends of Development

Natalia G. Panchenko

The Theoretical Concept of Quality Management of Railway Transport Services on the Principles of Social Responsibility

Inna P. Chajka

Study Concept "Quality of Education in Higher Educational Agency"

Yaroslav V. Holubka

Audit of Marketing Activity of an Enterprise: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Angela G. Lyzanets Solomiya A. Roman

Reengineering business processes as a way of improving business

Volodymyr P. Pylypchuk

Social Networks in the Process of Promotion of the Enterprise Services

Valentyna V. Stadnyk Vitaliy M. Yokhna Olha V. Chuniak

Directions of Formation of Practical Tools Management of Financial and Economic Security of Enterprises in the Strategy of Innovative Development

Mariya Ya. Zub Dana A. Shulika

Polyfunctionality of the Infrastructure of the Regional Labor Market in the Stage of Innovative Shifts in the Economy of Ukraine

Nataliia S. Liba Vitaliy I. Rybchak

Improving Organizational Provision of Implementation of Regional Industrial Policy in the Carpathian Economic Area

Yuriy P. Mazur Diana V. Nahernuk

Use of Regional Marketing Mechanisms in the Regional Decentralization Process

Oksana H. Penkova Andrii О. Kharenko Diana M. Sokovnina

Areas of Activization of Marketing Activity of Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Enterprises of Ukraine in the Context of Administrative-Territorial Reform

Natalia O. Petrenko

Innovative Policy of Regional Development of Industry

Volodymyr F. Proskura Olena V. Maksiutova

Modeling of Resource Flows in the Region

Ulyana V. Rosola

Modern Status and Development of Agriculture of the Transcarpathian Region on Marketing Facilities

Tetiana V. Chernychko Stanislav F. Chernychko Olena S. Rybchak

Analysis of Territorial Regional Development of Retail Trade Network of Ukraine

Olga S. Ivanishina Marina S. Hirna

Tax Instruments for Implementing the Anti-Crisis Policy: International Experience and Opportunities in Ukraine

Maria V. Ihnatyshyn Lyudmyla Yu. Burdyukh

Interbudgetary Transfers as an Efficient Method of Budgetary Regulations

Nadiia V. Solovei Olena V. Kostiunik

Analysis of Financial Stability Factors of Aviation Enterprises

Anna V. Solomina

Forensic is an Enterprise Activity Financial Investigation Tool