Vol. 7, No. 1, 2020

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series "Economics"

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Julia V. Buy

Institutional Provision of Social Innovations in the Conditions of Sustainable Development

Iryna M. Hrynchyshyn

Evolution of Wellbeing Theories in the Postulates of Economic Schools and Concepts

Svitlana O. Ishchuk Lyubomyr Yo. Sozanskyy

Import Dependence of the Ukrainian Economy: Problems and Solutions

Liudmyla R. Kucher Oksana M. Zamrii

The Role of the Competitive Personality of the Manager in Management

Oksana H. Penkova Andrii О. Kharenko Yurii A. Tsymbaliuk

Trends and Development Prospects of Grain Market in Ukraine

Mykhaylo I. Pityulych Volodymyr V. Hoblyk

System approach to analysis of the essence of migration processes

Kateryna S. Puhachevska

Trade Restrictions in the Context of Foreign Trade Liberalization

Kateryna Yu. Redko Oleksandra S. Furs

The Current Situation and World Trends of Green Energy Development

Maryna A. Rubish Myroslava V. Choriy Lilia V. Zelenska

Gastronomic Tourism as a Means of Activation Tourist Destinations

Tetiana V. Chernychko Maria V. Ihnatyshyn

Analysis of economic support measures in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic

Nataliia M. Chorna

Tourist Market of Ukraine: the State and Trends of Functioning Through the Activities of Tourist Enterprises

Yurii Yu. Zhyhuts Vasyl F. Lazar Bohdan Ya. Khomiak

Features of Determining Economic Effect from Use of Progressive Technologies in Foundry Production

Natalia O. Zadorozhniuk Iryna А. Malysh Iana D. Minieieva

Specifics of Marketing of Pharmaceutical Industry

Inna V. Kopchykova

Features of the Definition «Operational Activity of Trade Networks»

Oksana О. Korolovych Maryna V. Resler Vasyl A. Pihosh

Corporate Law and Corporate Culture as a Means of Influencing Efficiency

Vasyl A. Pihosh

Code of Corporate Ethics as a Tool for Enterprise Potential Development

Kateryna Yo. Puhachevska Andrii V. Homba Valeriia Yu. Smochko

Conceptual Bases of Corporate Integrated Structures Formation

Kateryna Yo. Puhachevska Mykola V. Gomba

Genesis of Essence of Enterprise Competitive Advantages

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Research Activity in the Development of Creative Potential of the Modern Specialist in the Conditions of Socialization

Zinaida P. Urusova Valeriya I. Zubachova

Formation of Social Standards of Business in the Context of Restructuring Corporate Information Systems

Oksana H. Yavorska

Intellectual Capital in the Era of Formation and Development of Digital Economy

Kristina Ye. Babenko

Management of Territorial Economic Development: Project Approach

Ihor M. Boshynda Vasyl Ya. Popfalushi Heorhii H. Bilak

Regional Assessment of Small Business Development

Mariia V. Hobrei

Attracting Direct Investments in the Regions of Ukraine and Their Impact on the Economic Development of the Transcarpathian Region

Oryslava I. Korkuna

Methodological Principles of Assessing Development Potential of the Tourist and Recreational Sphere in Regional Economy

Oleh D. Lendiel

Assessment of the State of the Infrastructure of the Regional Tourist Services Market

Kseniia M. Khaustova Volodymyr V. Hoblyk Tetiana V. Chernychko

Valuation of Economic Stable Development of Hospitality Enterprises in the Region

Tetiana V. Shytikova Mykola I. Ignatyshyn

Evaluation of Restaurant Activity of Cities and Districts of the Zakarpattia Oblast by the Hierarchy Analysis Method

Luka Mariyanovich Baryshych Dieudonne Dusengumukiza

Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Modeling of One-Year Maturity Government Bonds of Greece During Sovereign Debt Crisis of Eurozone in 2010

Vira P. Bratyuk Halyna T. Myhalchinets

Gold in Ukraine: Investment or Business. Modern View

Vasyl V. Ostapenko

Search for "Unicorns" in Ukraine

Zhanna V. Piskova Iryna M. Tsurkan

Outlines of Changing the Tax Policy Paradigm in Ukraine

Yuliia B. Slobodianyk Olha M. Halas

Problems and Prospects for the Development of the Internal State Audit in Ukraine

Nataliia S. Liba Vasyl M. Holovachko Yaroslav V. Holubka

The Essence of Cost as an Accounting and Economic Category