Vol. 5, No. 1, 2018

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series «Economics»

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Vsevolod P. Nikolaiev Andriy A. Shcherbyna

Maintenance Management of the Residential Buildings of Inefficient Owners

Petro A. Ovchar Stepan M. Holubka

Auto Transport in the Context of Formation of Structure of National Economy

Vasyl V. Papp Tetiana Yu. Luzhanska Nelja V. Boshota

Development of Business in the Field of Tourism

Yuriy R. Futalo

Conceptual Approaches to Increasing the Effectiveness of Economic Processes Integration on the Development of the National Economy Structure

Ivan I. Cherleniak Volodymyr F. Proskura Mykhailo M. Shelemba

Regulation and Support of Innovation Technologies Transfer in the EU Countries: Experience and Implementation Challenges in Ukraine

Lyudmyla A. Bovsh Ihor O. Komarnitskyy

Evaluating the Quality of Food Service Products in Shopping Centers

Olena Yu. Bochko Dmitro M. Donets

Electronic Distribution on the Market of Dairy Products as the Necessary Composition of the Present Supply of the Goods

Galya Volodymyrivna Puida

Internal Economic Mechanism Intellectual Security of the Enterprise

Inna S. Sopilniak

Peculiarities of Forming Strategies for Organic Production Sale by Domestic Agricultural Enterprises

Kateryna S. Fen

Priority Directions of Strengthening of Economic Safety of Food Industry Enterprises

Mariia V. Hobrei

Trends and the Nature of Investment Activity in the Region in Modern Conditions (on the Example of the Transcarpathian Region)

Tetiana S. Ihnatenko

Priority Tasks of the Politicians for Formation of the Middle Class in Ukraine

Svitlana O. Ishchuk

Estimation of the Functioning Efficiency of the Industrial Sector of Economy of the Ukraine Regions

Tetiana V. Kuchinka

Reformation of Local Self-Government in the System of Anti-crisis Management by Social-Economic Development of the Transcarpathian Region

Mykhailo А. Lendel Viktor О. Zhulkanych

Peculiarities of Sustainable Management of the Development of the Forestry Complex of the Transcarpathian Region

Oleh D. Lendiel

Directions of Development of Travel Services Market Infrastructure in the Region

Nataliia S. Liba

Assessment of the Consequence' Realization of Regional Industrial Policy in the Social and Economic Spheres of the Carpathian Economic Area

Vasyl P. Miklovda Mykhaylo I. Pityulych Stepan V. Sember

Formation of Economic Systems as a Basis for the Integration of the Territorial Economy

Volodymyr F. Proskura Olena V. Maksiutova

Actual Problems of Development of the Region's Tourist and Recreational Complex

Anna A. Romanova

Chinese Tourists as Priority Customers of the Ukrainian Tour Product

Yaroslav M. Pelekh Bogdan B. Pakholok Andriy V. Kunynets Petro L. Sokhan

Numerical Methods of Solving the Initial Value Problem for Ordinary Differential Equations with Evaluation of the Main Member of the Local Error

Olha S. Vatamaniuk

Aggressive Tax Planning: Negative Consequences and the Directions of Countermeasures

Olga S. Ivanishina Iuliia V. Panura

Economic Content of Tax Administration

Maria V. Ihnatyshyn Lyudmyla Yu. Burdyukh

Management of Cash Flows in the System of Calculating Payments on the Basis of Coefficient Analysis

Serhii V. Zaharin Rostislava V. Ilienko Yevhen V. Smirnov

Stimulation of Investment Activity in Agricultural Complex

Ulyana V. Rosola Natalia M. Kuzma

Еvаluаtіоn of thе Соntеmроrаry Stаtе of thе Dероsіt Mаrkеt of Ukrаіnе

Ulyana V. Rosola Natalia I. Shchoka Maryna S. Yarmolyuk

Credit Policy and Analysis of the Present State of the Credit Market in Ukraine

Tetiana V. Chernychko Halyna V. Mikhailak Iryna V. Mikhailak

Credit Policy of Banks in Conditions of Ukrainian Model of Monetary Transmission Mechanism