Vol. 4, No. 2, 2017

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series «Economics»

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Ruslan R. Biloskurskyy

Environmental Enterprise in Ukraine: Status and Priorities of Development

Galina S. Ivanyshyna

The Functioning of Market of Precious Metals and Stones in Ukraine: Current State and Perspectives

Olexandr S. Іgnatenko

Investment Crediting of Agricultural-Industrial Complex: Theory and Practice

Maryna А. Kalnytska

Bases of Regulation of Social Development of Ukraine

Olga I. Milashovska Tetiana V. Shytikova

Genesis of the Development and Evaluation of the Sphere of Hospitality

Dzhosija I. Мolnar Myroslava V. Choriy Maryna A. Rubish

Quality Control of Foodstuffs and the Possibilities of Ukraine Harmonization to EU Standards

Ulyana V. Rosola

Current State of the Agricultural Products Market

Irena I. Svydruk

Conceptual Foundations of the Formation of a Creative Economy

Ivan I. Cherleniak Ivanna V. Dovba Vasyl Yu. Klevyanyk

Challenges and Development Barriers of National Consulting Business

Tetiana V. Chernychko Stanislav F. Chernychko

The Effectiveness of Anti-Inflationary Policy in Ukraine and the Former Republics of the Soviet Union

Anzhelika A. Azarova Sergey V. Pavlov Maksim P. Logvinyuk

Comprehensive Target Program for Optimization of National Enterprises Marketing Policies on the Basis of DSS «SOLON-2»

Ibrahim A. M. Alsharf

Performance Management and Monitoring of Medical Institutions

Sergii M. Illiashenko Yevhenii V. Rot-Sierov

Theoretical and Methodological Means of Choosing Directions of Industrial Enterprises Knowledge Commercialization

Ihor Ya. Kulyniak Svitlana V. Bazarko

Evaluation and Improving of Marketing Activities Effectiveness of Enterprises

Nataliya O. Marhita Mykhaylo V. Marhita

The Practical Aspects of the Theory of Constraints Application

Tetyana V. Poliova Alina S. Ryeznik

Evaluation of Production Reserves Use Efficiency as a Basis for Taking Perfected Managemental Solutions

Evelina V. Harapko

Methodical Approaches to Typology of Small Towns as The Scientific Basis of Managing Their Development

Olha M. Golovko Nadiia M. Goblyk-Markovych Edina S. Horvat

Analysis of The Features and Prospects of The Development of Sanatoria in Transcarpathia

Nataliia S. Liba

Realization of the State-Private Partnership in the Regional Industrial Policy System

Vasyl V. Papp Tetiana Yu. Luzhanska Nelja V. Boshota

The Brand of the Town Territory in the Context of Strategic Management of the Tourism Sphere

Vasyl M. Holovachko Diana V. Maksymenko Maryna M. Turok

Accountant of the 21th Century

Svitlana V. Nesterova Angela G. Lyzanets

Reasoning of Cost Calculation Expediency at the Enterprise

Tetyana V. Poliova Yuliya O. Dereyko

Accounting and Analytical Provision of the Process of Cost Management and Its Optimization

Vasyl M. Holovachko Kateryna O. Bobalik

Local Taxes as a Source of Filling the Local Budget in the Conditions of Decentralization

Maria V. Ihnatyshyn Mykola I. Ignatyshyn

Forecasting Subsidy Indicators Based on the Analysis of the Series of Dynamics

Yuriy M. Klapkiv

Conflict of Interests in the Activities of Insurance Intermediaries

Tetyana M. Lesnik

Influence of Macroeconomic Indicators on the Currency Exchange Rate: Regression Analysis

Stanislav F. Chernychko Stanislav S. Chernychko Ivan I. Pelekhach

Banking Sector of the Economy of Ukraine: Review of Major Trends and Development Prospects