Vol. 3, No. 2, 2016

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series «Economics»

ISSN 2313-8114

e-ISSN 2518-1254

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Olha M. Golovko

Modern Approaches to the Formation of a Healthy Diet Theory: the Economic Aspect

Yaroslava Yu. Demian

Scientific Approaches to the Economic Concept of “Sustainable Development”

Larysa M. Zhukova

Impact of Implementation of the European Norms on Economic Development of a State

Serhii V. Zaharin Yining Li Wenqian Wang

Increasing of Ukrainian-Chinese Economic Cooperation

Petro Yu. Kurmaiev Vitaliy I. Rybchak Olena S. Rybchak

Analysis of Investment Support of Ukraine's Energy Sector

Georgiy R. Natroshvili

Intellectual Capital as a Factor of Innovation

Oleksandr P. Savych

Forming Customers’ Values on the Global Car Market

Lyubomyr Yo. Sozanskyy

The Methodical Approach to the Integrated Assessment of Foreign Component of the Competitiveness of the Industrial Sector

Yaryna І. Tokar

Formation of Institutional Infrastructure Regulation Depressed Labor Markets

Nataliya O. Babina

Innovative Approaches to Support Organizations of Economic Security

Olena О. Drobysheva Nataliya М. Vitash

Optimizing the Structure of Assets and Their Value in Achieving Enterprise’s Goals

Maria V. Ihnatyshyn

Analytics of the Enterprise Floating Assets as a Tool of Improving and Optimizing of Its Structure

Nataliya М. Kyrylko

System Management Exhibition Activities as Security of Enterprise Exhibitors

Olena V. Kovalenko Antonina V. Predeus

Determination of Reserves and Development of Activities to Improve the Effectiveness of the Enterprise

Larysa M. Lavrynenko

Creative Labour and Creativity in Innovative Environment

Angela G. Lyzanets Tyberiy T. Dolynay

Regulation of Commodity and Assortment Policy on the Basis of Category Management

Volodymyr P. Pylypchuk Oleh V. Dannikov Inna M. Ivasko

Evolution of Marketing as a Science: Current Status and Development Prospects

Kateryna Yo. Puhachevska

Retail Turnover of Enterprises in Ukraine: Trends and Issues

Oksana V. Feier

The Investment Support of National Enterprises

Hanna I. Chubirka

The Methods of Company Costs Optimization in the Market Conditions

Iryna Y. Kovalchuk

Tourism and Recreation Potential of Mountainous Area of Ukrainian Carpathians: Problems and Prospects of Development

Oksana M. Lendiel

Analysis of Foreign Investment Activity of Transcarpathian Business Entities

Nataliia S. Liba

Systematization of the Theories of Regional Development in the Evolutionary Order

Volodymyr F. Proskura

An Integrated Approach to the Creation of a Regional Informational System of Resource Supply

Lyudmyla V. Yuschyk

Aims and Objectives of the Implementation of Regional Innovation Policy

Svitlana Ya. Korol

Accounting Knowledge of Facts of Economic Activity

Nadiya М. Khorunzhak

Chart of Accounts for the Public Sector: the Conception and Development

Nataliya Yu. Hladynets

Monetary Principles of Financial Stability: World Experience and Ukraine

Dmitro I. Kovalenko

Financing of Investment Activity of Higher Educational Institutions

Zhanna V. Piskova

Formation of Indicators System of Taxes Fiscal Efficiency: Theory and Practice

Volodymyr M. Fendyk

Enforcement of Obligations in the Sphere of Credit and Investment Relations

Tetiana V. Chernychko Maryna P. Haynaliy

Consumer and Investment Loans as a Factor Influencing the Dynamics of the Economic Situation